buf_re(a)dux: a drop-in replacement for std::io::BufReader, with extra features

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Features include:

  • More direct control over the buffer. Provides methods to:
    • Access the buffer through an &-reference without performing I/O
    • Force unconditional reads into the buffer
    • Increase the capacity of the buffer
    • Get the number of available bytes as well as the total capacity of the buffer
    • Consume the BufReader without losing data
      • Get inner reader and trimmed buffer with the remaining data
      • Get a Read adapter which empties the buffer and then pulls from the inner reader directly
  • More sensible buffering behavior
    • Data is moved down to the beginning of the buffer when appropriate
      • Such as when there is more room at the beginning of the buffer than at the end
    • Exact allocation instead of leaving it up to Vec, which allocates sizes in powers of two
      • Vec's behavior is more efficient for frequent growth, but much too greedy for infrequent growth and custom capacities.
  • Drop-in replacement
    • Method names/signatures and implemented traits are unchanged from std::io::BufReader, making replacement as simple as swapping the import of the type.