Broadcast oneshot channel

Is there any broadcast oneshot channel which combines both oneshot and broadcast.

It can be useful to implement the "shutdown" signal.

If your goal is to implement shutdown, then see the graceful shutdown page from the Tokio tutorial.

One type that isn't mentioned on that site, by probably should be, is the CancellationToken.


Thanks a lot for mentioning this. In past, I was tempted to use an Arc<()> to terminate a thread, but CancellationToken seems to be a better choice (plus it allows asynchronous awaiting).

From the linked thread:

I guess CancellationToken is exactly what I was looking for, right? I tried to update the example of my OP in the other thread: Playground.

Using a cancellation token is definitely better than an Arc<()>, because the token has a way to notify the thread that it should shut down.

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