Breeze - modern/experimental modal CLI text editor

I love Vim, I recently started using Kakoune and enjoy it too. But I guess I grew inspired and opinionated enough to see that one can do even better.

I’m working on Breeze - a modern/experimental modal CLI text editor. It is in Rust, and explicit goal includes compiling to WebAssembly.

Breeze is not ready for end users yet, but a lot of stuff is already implemented: enough to demonstrate and experiment with a vision: How would you implement modal text editor. Can you do better than Vim/Kakoune?

Text editors are a funny and rewarding things to hack on, so I’m hopping that someone interested might join me.


Agreed, this looks promising, and would like to contribute to it. Have you looked at Xi, by the way?

Of course. Very well known Rust project. However it’s focused on something that is not interesting to me at all. A lot of complex machinery to enable stuff like efficiently editing gigabyte files - I have no use for this. I’m only interested in simple, small editor for source files: re-inventing CLI text editor UX and making modal text edition even more of a breeze than it is with Vim (or Kakoune).

I’d also want the breeze text editor to achive reusability through being a library, and not a server.


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