Borrow checker issues: mixing inputs and locally owned data

See Rust Playground. It seems reasonable to me that expand() can return Target. inter can be dropped before the end of expand(), and before out_len or parts. The compiler seems to disagree, however. Any clues who's right? And if I'm right, how do I explain my point of view to the compiler?

the problem is the 'a in T: From<Intermediate<'a>> + 'static,
what you really wanted is for<'b> T: From<Intermediate<'b>> + 'static,

edit: maybe it does not need to be generic in which case fn expand<'a, T>(src: &'a Source, label: &'a [u8], len: usize) -> Target{ also works


It did actually need to be generic, but the for <'b> seems to have solved my problem. Thanks!

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