Borgo: a compiles-to-Go language with Rust-like syntax

I thought this was interesting in the context of earlier discussions about a language that is simpler to use than Rust, perhaps with a tracing GC, but has other nice features of Rust that help to build reliable programs. For example, borgo has sum types, including a builtin Option and Result, which would greatly improve Go programming.

It compiles to Go so it uses the Go runtime and therefore it has a lot of Go semantics (pointers, interfaces, etc). But that's the point -- the use case is where you need or want to write Go, but you'd like a more type safe, modern language. It reminds me of Kotlin for the JVM, which was a big improvement over Java in the same regard.

It is just a compiler that produces Go code and has no other tools (e.g., LSP server) so to be widely useful it would need a lot more work. But I think it's an excellent start.

I thought perhaps those who prefer Rust, but need to use Go for work, might appreciate it.


this is a so good project!amazing!