Book progress update for Rust in Action, Manning (July 2018)

Rust in Action is a book on the Rust programming language for intermediate programmers that teaches Rust via worked systems programming examples.

The book is especially applicable for learners who have ever been discouraged when they’ve heard someone say something like, “to truly understand Rust, you need to know C/C++”.

I’m excited with the month’s progress and looking forward to feedback on the newly approved content (which are imminent - Manning assures me!). The monthly progress update includes some changes to the table of contents.

For anyone interested in buying the book, the coupon code slmcnamara entitles you to a 42% discount :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update - I bought the MEAP physical and ebook package for this in Dec 2017 and the example projects such as a CPU emulator is what I am most looking forward to. Keep up the good work!

Nice, I just bought a copy :slight_smile:
Hopefully this will help me learn more when I get time :slight_smile: