Blogging platforms

Are there any blogging platforms out there that are particularly good for programming blogs?

And are there any of them especially well-suited for Rust blogs? (Like being able to automatically inline code from a playground link).


Maybe not the answer you are looking for, but I did use Jekyll in the past, and currently the Rust based Zola. In general I would recommend Static Site Generators for blogs, but especially for programming blogs I would look deeper into which programming languages you need support for and the lexers/code highlighters supported, e.g. Pygments vs. Rouge etc. ...
From a project organization point of view I would be interested to find a solution based on Org mode or the Leo Editor (literate programming) one day, but I didn't dig deep enough into that myself (yet). If that is somehow interesting for you (and you are familiar with Emacs) you might enjoy this video, but that might not be the best way to start with ...

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I use a plain old Github repo for my Rust blog and I love it.

I use zola as well. It provides great syntax highlighting for code snippets right out of the box and the template system is fairly easy to figure out.

Not sure what to do for playground support, but I know mdbook provides it and you could look into porting functionality from their theme.

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