Blog post: Using Rust with Visual Studio Code


Oh, LLDB 6 isn’t gonna work with -msvc binaries, sorry. You’ll need to switch to -gnu toolchain for that. Please see this page.


Regarding the Vscode plugins, I’d love some kind of autocomoplete thing that, when I start to implement some trait, gives me a dummy with all methods necessary to implement this trait. Would erase the need of remembering or looking up some exact trait signatures


I re-installed it on windows using the steps listed. How do I switch to the GNU toolchain?


rustup toolchain add stable-i686-pc-windows-gnu; rustup override add stable-i686-pc-windows-gnu

You can also try rustup target add i686-pc-windows-gnu and then cross-compile.


Once I switch the toolchain,should I attempt to debug the program as normal? I did so and got the same error as discussed previously. Is there anything else I need to do?


Did you point launch.json at the binary? Replace foo:

"program": "${workspaceRoot}/target/debug/foo"

If it’s debugging tests or a lib you’ll need to check the folder for foo+hash.


I replaced the "program": section of launch.json with
"program": "${workspaceRoot}/target/debug/hello_world.exe",
I then got the same “Process Launch Failed:Unknown Error” message,that I’ve gotten previously. I also attempted to launch the program without debugging,and got the same message.
Where’s the hash section of the folder,and would pointing launch.json at it help?