[blog] Playing with the new async

I've been playing a bit with the new async and wrote about the experience, if you're interested.

(I tried linking it on reddit, but for some reasons it never appeared there; I suspect it sits in some kind of moderation queue because of the word „playing“)


Interesting blog post. I particularly liked this bit at the end:

I’m quite impressed in how little work it took to write a high-performance implementation. I mean, if the first part that gives performance-wise is the kernel, then Rust has nothing to be ashamed of.

It sounds like we just need to use it for a couple months and a lot of the rough edges should go away.

On the other hand, there’s one synchronous TcpStream in the standard library. If I’m counting the tokio-v0.1 and tokio-core, there are 5 pairwise-incompatible asynchronous TcpStream s.

Your point about a fractured ecosystem is valid though, hopefully after 6-12 months the ecosystem will settle down and the various libraries/frameworks will figure out how to work together.

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