Blog: My Account of the Rhein-Main Rust Meetup


Wherein we meet, talk and learn


Hmm, i can`t find rss feed on your blog)


Nice post, it’s very cool to read this since I could make it to Darmstadt myself.

We got labels to write our names on. I wrote my first name and my nick so people would recognize me.

Oh, we should do that at the next Cologne meetup!

I also recommended people to use [list of awesome tools]

I try to do that as well. :slight_smile: This tooling and the “embrace compiler warnings/errors” mindset is really helpful for beginners.

#4 (should also be linked via meta tag from the site, once github picks up the change).


Not only for beginners!

Btw. the next meeting will be in Frankfurt, and the plan is to alternate between the two locations.