Blockyarchive 4.0.0 (formerly rust-SeqBox) - archive with forward error correction and sector level recoverability


Hello everyone,

I’m happy to announce release of blockyarchive/blkar 4.0.0. It’s been a year since the release of 1.0.0, you can see announcement of that here.

Some useful new features have been added since 1.0.0, including JSON output mode, encode data from stdin, and decode data to stdout.

Project description

Blockyarchive/blkar (pronounced “bloc-kar”) is a comprehensive utility for creating, rescuing, and general handling of SeqBox archives, with optional forward error correction

SeqBox is a single-file archive format designed by Marco Pontello that facilitates sector level data recovery for when file system metadata is corrupted/missing, while the archive itself still exists as a normal file on file system

Please visit the official SeqBox repo for the original implementation and technical details on this

Blockyarchive/blkar was formerly known as rust-SeqBox/rsbx prior to renaming

Features overall

  • Data recovery that does not depend on file system metadata (sector level recovery)
    • This allows data recovery even when data is fragmented and out of order
  • Supports error correction (via Reed-Solomon erasure code)
  • Supports burst (sector) error resistance
  • JSON mode
    • Outputs information in JSON format instead of human readable text, allowing easy integration with scripts