Blockchain programming with rust

Hey Guys,
I wanna work on blockchain programming with rust and according to my search Rust is one of the best in this field. but I have no idea about rust or blockchain programming. I love rust programming and blockchain . is it a correct idea to learn blockchain and rust beside together ?! and is there any job for this field? then if it is a true way where I can learn these fields ?!


If you are interessted in this specific field you may have a look at Parity. It's a german company that provides a open source, customizable blockchain writen in Rust.

But if you are a boody beginner with Rust I highly recommend reading the Rust Book first (or any other resource you can find on the Rust homepage).

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Thanks, dear farnbams,
I already reading this book and watch some video tutorials in rust. I wanna a team that works on this blockchain project to improve my knowledge beside professional guys. I love blockchain

As another example, there is a node implementation in rust for Cardano named jormungandr. The repo can be found in GitHub under IOHK. Worth a look may be ?

yes, rust is fairly popular for this

as for examples, rust-bitcoin is quite far along as well

see also this recent topic which was very similar: Decentralize Network with Rust

Thank you very much @vmedea

Here is a blockchain project entirely in Rust (in development but already partially functionnal): Dunitrust. (some crates of this project are available on

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