Blender model in rust

how to import a blender model to rust language

The long answer:

Have fun :tada:


If you’re just planning to display the model, you might find it much easier to export from Blender to another format like OBJ or GlTF and read it using one of the available libraries on Blender’s format is quite complex, and it contains a lot of information that most other programs just won’t have any use for.

It looks like blend_info is an inspector for blend files (for anyone curious you can find the source code here). Is the intent to use this to inform hand-rolling blend deserialization in rs-pbrt or do you plan to spin out a separate blend deserialization crate?

First I want to be able to parse the binary .blend file and render it with rs-pbrt. That might lead to a crate for other users to ask for certain information. Any ideas or help on that is appreciated. For now blend_info ist just an example how to inspect the .blend files, but I started already rendering those files directly:

Once I’m satisfied with rendering a couple of scenes I might think about an intermediate (binary) file which allows me to render with other renderers, but as I said, any help or ideas on that are appreciated …


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