Black Hat Rust - I'm writing a book about offensive security with Rust

Hey Rustaceans,

With all the recent hacks breaking the news, I thought that there is still clearly a lack of knowledge about how cyber attacks are performed.

You can find the book in early access here: Black Hat Rust

In the book we will put ourselves in the shoes of attackers. From theory to practice, we will explore the arcane of offensive security and build our own offensive tools from scratch in Rust: scanners, phishing toolkit, shellcodes, advanced RAT...

Here is the accompanying GitHub repository: GitHub - skerkour/black-hat-rust: Deep dive into offensive security with the rust programming language - Early access

Important: This is work in progress, feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

In order to thank all the people who will help me make this book a reality by buying it in early access, I prepared a special bonus: a curated list of detailed analyses of the most advanced malwares of the past two decades. You will find inside great inspiration when developing your own offensive tools.

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That’s an insta-buy :money_with_wings:

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Thank you!

I'm extremely pleased to announce you today that enough funding have been secured for me to work on it full-time for the coming months :tada:. I expect to release next chapter (and the first chapter rewritten) in 2.5 weeks.

I made a blog post with some additional details if you want to know more: