Binary Army - new project based on tentacli

Recently I have published my app and definitely I made all preparation steps before I can start to work on my dream. Tentacli is embeddable console wow 3.3.5a client (probably in future it will support all versions) and it can be used as part of third party applications. After recent update (v4.1.1) it is possible now to run any amount of instances simultaneously (I guess it is limited only by Rust compiler).

Project Binary Army is envisioned as a smart swarm, where each unit possesses information from all other units and computes the most intelligent move based on that collective knowledge. This army can be used in PVP and PVE.

Please note, tentacli cannot bypass Warden anticheat (and even if it can I would not publish this), so this will work only on no-warden WoW 3.3.5a servers.

I would like to invite all who like this concept, to develop together design and the code. Currently I have no clear design, but I think about it (and I believe brainstorming will let achieve best results than solo thinking).

Currently I am solo developer on my projects. In the future I want to integrate TentaCLI with Neural Networks (for now I have pretty basic experience in this direction).

Join us ! I will appreciate fresh ideas and any contributions.

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