Bijective String - Debug?

Is Debug for String injective, and does the inverse already exist in std?

Sorry, I don’t understand the question. What problem are you trying to solve?

I will guess that you are asking whether

fn escape (s: String) -> String {
    format!("{:?}", s)

is injective or not. It is.

The inverse would require “unescaping” the escaped chars, which, at first glance, the ::unescape crate seems to do.

However, since this seems to be related to deserialization, mentioning serde is mandatory, as it provides the best tools for it.


Thank you!

However, be warned that the format of Debug is not guaranteed and may change at any time. Parsing of {:?} output is risky. It’s best to use your own escape function that guarantees to have reliable output.

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Thanks. I currently use the json crate for string (un)escape, and I guess I keep it that way.

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