Big Sur + Rust Intellij = unusable?

I was very happy with how my 7 years old MacBook Pro used to work with Rust in Clion 2019.
The experience was smooth overall until I recently bought a new MacBook (intel) and upgraded to Intellij 2020. And oh boy it's a disaster. Goodbye smooth scrolling and snappy autocomplete. The whole experience is just a mess.
I wonder if anyone else is in the same situation and what to do about it? I can't work like that :pleading_face:. Is it MacOs Big Sur to blame? A new Clion version, recent Rust plugin update or all of the above?

This runs smoothly for me:
Fedora Core 33
IntelliJ Ultimate 2020.3.2
Rust Plugin 4.73

Good to know, thx. I have a very similar setup at work, Centos 7 but Pycharm Pro with Rust. No issues at all. I found a lot of performance complains about BigSur and Intellij 2020 in their issue tracker, it must be specific to Mac.

The situation with vscode on Big Sur isn’t much better unfortunately.

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