Better way to work with tokio_fs


I’ve been playing with new hyper and as small exercise I wanted to change file sending example with tokio-fs - so the data are send as they are read. I also wanted to read file size asynchronously.
As a first attempt I ended up with this function, which does nod compile due to borrow checker ( either file does not live long enough or if moved cannot be used later):

fn streamed_file_send(f: &str) -> ResponseFuture {
    // Serve a file by asynchronously by chunks
    let filename = f.to_string(); // we need to copy for lifetime issues
        .and_then(|mut file| {
            let meta_future = poll_fn(|| file.poll_metadata());
            meta_future.and_then(|meta| {

                let stream = file.framed(ChunkCodec()); 
                let res = Response::builder()

        .or_else(|_| {

The only way how to fix this I can think of is to create custom Future that first consumes and then returns file like this:

struct MetaFuture(Option<tokio_fs::File>);

impl Future for MetaFuture {
    type Item = (tokio_fs::File, std::fs::Metadata);
    type Error = io::Error;
    fn poll(&mut self) -> Result<Async<Self::Item>, Self::Error> {
        if self.0.is_none() {
             panic!("Invalid state - called after resolution")
        let meta = try_ready!{self.0.as_mut().unwrap().poll_metadata()};
        let file = self.0.take();
        Ok(Async::Ready((file.unwrap(), meta)))   

impl MetaFuture {
    fn new(f:tokio_fs::File) -> Self {

But that’s quite a bit of code for such common use case - isn’t there some better. easier more elegant solution?


Why are you using poll_fn + poll_metadata() to get the metadata? You should use, which gives you a future yielding the file and metadata, which is basically like the custom future you wrote :slight_smile:.

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I added File::metadata and Metadata for exactly this reason: using the poll_* functions are overly painful and aren’t intended for most end users.

Of interest is that whenever async / await become “real enough”, most of these functions can be rewritten to take &mut self instead of self and should be even easier to use.

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Indeed. I’m eagerly awaiting (no pun intended) async/await so that the APIs can adjust rather than going through the self -> &mut self breaking change churn. I suspect others are waiting as well to avoid living in somewhat of a bifurcated tokio/futures lib ecosystem.

@vitalyd - thanks, I somehow missed that method, not sure why. But at least I trained myself again in creating futures:-) What would be best resource to learn about coming async/await in Rust? I used them in Python, so wondering how it’ll work in Rust.

I have to use version from git for file.metatada() to compile - in version on it’s not yet available there - so that’s why I initially took the detour.

But for latest tokio_fs from git I cannot make it work with hyper 0.12 due to this error: Error opening file:blockingannotated I/O must be called from the context of the Tokio runtime.

You need to use the (default) ThreadPool and Runtime, not the current_thread::Runtime, with tokio-fs.

(I’m trying to improve docs related to that, see PRs.)

Which PRs? The documentation is still not very good in this respect.