Best practice for compressing included files

Apologies if this comes off as rude, not sure if the right procedure is to DM or to post a question.

Quoting: @Michael-F-Bryan 's Which compression crate should I use?

I'm revamping the include_dir crate and one feature I'd like to implement is automatic compression of all files that are embedded in your binary.

^-- I am currently running into this exact problem. I have a directory of files I want hard coded into my Rust app. What is the current state of the art / best practice for solving this problem ?

I'm about to roll my own solution on top of , so not a high bar to beat.

For technical questions regarding Rust on a technical forum dedicated to Rust you really can't go wrong posting your question.

I can't help specifically with Rust programs. I've not yet had to embed.

I have done that for many C++ programs and I can recommend a compression algorithm. The 7-Zip ultra compression has served me well. You, the programmer, pay for longer compression times. Your audience enjoys high compression and very fast decompression. In a pinch the command line 7-Zip tool can be used (e.g. troubleshooting a believed to be corrupt program). I don't know if the 7-Zip algorithms have been ported to Rust.

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