Best place to advertise my kernel project

So I'm working on a hobby OS over here. Its probably not coded in the best of ways, but I'd still like to try and get help if anyone wants to help me out with that. This is my first true "open-source" project; I've contributed to many others but never lead one, so this will be fun! :slight_smile:

I'm just curious: where would be the best place for me to put out a call for contributions? I've looked through the categories on here, and though I could do a call for contributions on here, the categories I've seen are for particular problems. I defnitely don't want anyon to feel obligated to help, nor do I want this to be something like a contractual kind of thing; just something that people can add to in their own time (as I'm doing). I don't have much to show; I've got PCIe, minimal ACPI, memory allocation, interrupts, and a minimal NVMe driver that probably needs to be rewritten. Thoughts/suggestions?

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I'd suggest placing a notice in "This Month in Rust OSDev".

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