Best crate for learning Rust

As a beginner in Rust (but not in programming), I am looking for rust projects recommendations to study. Ideally, not too complex but sufficiently advanced, and intended for scientifical numerical applications.

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Something you might want to do is create such an application of your own, and then as you are wanting to do more advanced things (e.g. use a better data structure or fancy algorithm) look on for a library that might satisfy your needs and skim through the source code.

I'd recommend that approach over reviewing a crate in isolation because it,

  1. Exposes you to things that are relevant to your problem. If I'm reading a crate's source code (or docs) so I can understand how it works under the hood, I'll be more likely to retain that information than I would if it were some random crate I wasn't emotionally invested in.
  2. Gives you instant gratification because you can see progress as you are writing code. This gives you the motivation and curiosity to keep extending yourself and try new things.

Also, to make finding such a Rust project easier, what exactly comes to mind when you think "scientifical numerical application"? If you can think of examples or related words then that might help you narrow things down and give you terms that can be plugged into's search bar.

If you come across a snippet of code that doesn't make sense, or you want to double-check you understand it, feel free to make a thread on this forum and we can all look at it together :slightly_smiling_face:


I totally agree with your point of view. But that's one step ahead of my current goals, I am just asking for recommendations, in the same way that I would ask for a good book to read, you tell me to write my own :wink: . I am just looking for a reference of good practices and clean good.

I am also learning Rust from Rust by Example book.

That seems to be a good starting point.

The answer to your question would be my second step on learning Rust. :wink:
and I don't know the answer.

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