Benchmarks game code is outdated


As you can see in the Rust benchmarks game page a lot of benchmark are not compiling:

  • fasta_redux
  • regex_dna
  • binary-trees
  • spectral-norm
  • mandelbrot

And the compiler used is pretty old: rustc 1.0.0-beta (9854143cb 2015-04-02) (built 2015-04-02)

I was also wondering if the current implementation of other benchmarks could be optimised. For example the implementation of the n-body algorithm takes three times the C++ version, pretty strange!

Thank you.

I believe the code for the benchmarks game is maintained here:

(I submitted a fix for regex a while ago, but last time I checked, several of the benchmarks still relied on unstable features. Apparently Cargo is not allowed (actually, it is!) so I think the repo needs some infrastructure for using third party libs? Not sure.)