Benchmarking a specific target using criterion

I am benchmarking different functions and running as follows:

use criterion::{criterion_group, criterion_main, Criterion};

fn benchmark_function_1(c: &mut Criterion) {
    let mut data = [0u8; 64];
    rand::thread_rng().fill_bytes(&mut data);
    let input: Vec<u8> = data.to_vec();
    // Benchmark logic for function 1

fn benchmark_function_2(c: &mut Criterion) {
    // Benchmark logic for function 2

    name = benches;

    // Setting the sample size to 10 for quick benchmarks
    // Becuase running default number of samples(100) takes a lot of time
    config = Criterion::default().sample_size(10); 
    targets = benchmark_function_1, benchmark_function_2


My question is, if i want to run only benchmark benchmark_function_1 then how can i do so using CLI arguments??
Also, how can i run the benchmarks based on parameters specified in environment variables. I want to pass those using CLI arguments.

Thank You

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