Beginner here: struggling to run gfx examples, manifest is virtual?

I’m guessing I’m missing something really basic with my development environment here. I’m trying to follow along with “Getting Started” at, but cargo run --example cube complains that the manifest path is a virtual manifest, and cargo build definitely isn’t what I’m supposed to be doing here (it tries to build for literally every target the library supports, and it’s not like every developer is going to have Metal or Vulkan on their system). What am I missing? Thanks for your patience.

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If you try to run this cube example, maybe it is because of this:

Please note that support is still being updated, so support examples will not run at the moment.

(from the example’s readme)

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ah, you’re right.

cd examples/hal
cargo run --bin quad --features=gl

seems to work just fine. it’s unfortunate that cube doesn’t given how it’s presented on the page but i guess this means it’s not an issue on my end? not sure whether i should be opening an issue for this.

thanks for your help!