Beginner experiences with Tokio and Futures

I’ve been playing with tokio and futures a bit last week and I summarized my experiences into this blog article (I’ve found that it helps me to summarize my findings as if I’d try to explain topic to somebody else).

I’m just wondering, if anybody by chance will look at it and finds any errors, misconceptions etc. please let me know, I definitely do not want spread my stupidity around and surely it’ll nice to learn more (there is not so much tutorials for tokio+futures, especially now when site is rewritten for new tokio).

And of course if you find it useful it free to be used by anybody for any purpose.



I’ve admittedly not read the blog (will try later) but it looks nice and beefy! :+1:

I think it’s a great idea for people learning tokio + futures to write up (and publicize) their experience and insights - it’ll almost certainly help others.

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