BBEdit Package for Rust


BBEdit Package for Rust

I’ve been adding some things to my BBEdit Rust package: it has syntax highlighting, function and named symbol navigation and folding, and now it has a rustfmt text filter and Cargo scripts. Two things I’m quite proud of that I haven’t seen anywhere else are:

(Click the links for screenshots on what both of those do)

I’m not exactly sure how many other BBEditors there are, but I’m sure all twelve or so of us would be happy :smile: Please give it a try if it’s your go-to text editor.


What are the two color schemes you have applied in your screenshots?

  • Light is one I’ve been using forever. I uploaded it here.
  • Dark one is Tomorrow Dark.


Impressive! I really like your impl generator – how are you extracting the information regarding which functions the impl needs?


Thank you! I did want to do it automatically, but I ended up just going through the libstd docs myself and writing each method out manually. Turns out there aren’t that many.