Banned from

Hello, I'm trying to figure out what happened here.

When I visit, my brrowsr says it can't find that website. When I swith to mobile data instead of wifi, I can access it. This leads me to believe that my ip is banned from I however have no clue how this could happen as I've just been using it as normal. I didn't know where to ask this question, so I'm asking it here.

I had a similar issue: I couldn't browse from my firefox on windows, but could on mobile. The problem didn't resolve itself in a couple of months (I mostly used a different computer in that time). I don't really understand what happened, but the problem resolved when I cleared the SSL cache. I did it both in Firefox and in Windows. Unfortunately, I don't remember the specifics, but it was reasonably easy to google.

I really wonder what does do to cause that kind of problems. I have never experienced it with any other www site (but I had a similar issue with our intranet sites, which prompted me to try it for

That didn't seem to work. It doesn't work for me on mobile when my phone is connected to the same wifi network, but it does work when using mobile data.

Could it be an issue with your router? Have you tried other wifi networks?

It worked on mobile data, which is why I thought my IP was banned (happened to me before with a server I rent).
But I just checked and it seems like I can access again! Thank you anyway for your help!

Try accessing it through VPN

If you were banned by, your browser would say that it can find the website, but the connection timed out or you'd receive an access denied page from itself.

When it says it can't find a website, that's not website's fault. That's a fault of your DNS server.

If you have a custom DNS server, or a VPN, antivirus, router, or ISP with some kind of filtering of "undesirable" websites, it could be misclassifying and blocking it there.


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