Backend Tutorials

Hello everyone,

Right now I am trying to build a backend using sea_orm and rocket. I am trying to find some tutorials online because I am hitting some road blocks but am having a hard time finding a good one. Can anyone drop a link to a good one?

Thank you!

Some questions to help the group help you.

What is the "level" of backend tutorial do you need; (newbie .. or ... advanced)?
Do you have a specific goal of what you want your backend server to do?
Have you got the sea-orm rocket-example up and running yet?
What type of "roadblocks" are you hitting; basic compiler issues, design / concept?

Okay so I was having an issue with Diesel at first that I believe I am close to fixing (Error: linking with `link.exe` failed: exit code: 1181 - #3 by F2Andy).

I would say I am at an advanced level. I built many full stack applications using Node, Postgres, Mongo, Express, GraphQL, Prisma (orm).

I got examples of rocket running and I am pretty confident I understand the other documentations from sea_orm and diesel. I am just having trouble connecting my backend to my psql server. These set up processes kill me sometimes lol

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