Back in the saddle :)

I know nobody needs this, so my apologies if I offend anyone, but I have exactly nobody to talk to about this (no worries, I have a normal social and work life, just nobody into programming) and I need to share my enthusiasm somewhere, don’t I?

So, I started learning Rust. Installed the tools on my Raspberry Pi, wrote a first article for a website I write for, and then changed workplace. For about 2.5 months I learned NOTHING. Wrote NOTHING. And yes, remembered NOTHING.

But today I restarted, with “The Rust Programming Language”, trying, coding, writing about my (slow) progress. Enjoying it.

Sorry for bothering you with this useless news. But I had to shout somewhere :slight_smile:


Welcome to the club. I discovered Rust 3 years ago, or was it 4, and made some simple applications that went into production and have been purring along ever since. But my rusting has been put on hold for lengthy periods since then so I'm almost back to square one now that I have more jobs I want to do in Rust.

The good news's easier the second time around :slight_smile:


I believe it is.

My case is maybe somewhat out of the ordinary in that I am not a programmer, developer, or any other kind of IT-guy. I was educated as one, more than 30, 35 years ago. But since then I became more of an auditor, and such.

Now I run a small section on the website of our national governing body of public accountants, in which I tell about my learning to code again, and trying to interest (young) accountants for some programming, or even just to loose fear of IT :). Because I strongly believe most professionals become better in their profession if they know how to use computers better. Not just MS Word, but really using computers.

Imagine a future where accounts are writing idiomatic Rust code. Everybody run! The auditors now have super powers! :wink:

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We ruled the world before computers, we will rule again [insert demonic laughter]

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Thanks for sharing. I need the moral boost.
Lets chant...We got this...We got this....we can figure it out....

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Ironically if your production services needed more maintenance, you'd remember more Rust!


I found this forum very helpful in learning rust. Besides that, I purposely write down what I have learned in my personal blog. This is very fun.

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I recognize that, writing about what you learned helps a lot.

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