Avro support for Rust


I’ve been working on a micro-service project at work, which relies on Avro for RPC. I’ve been thinking of introducing Rust as a supported language, but first need to get Avro support. I was wondering how many others are working on Avro and might want help? I’ve found two projects:

Only one is on Crates.io. @jminer would you like help? Is this something you’re actively working on?


Sorry for the (very) late reply. I haven’t been checking this forum as much as the Rust subreddit.

If you are still interested, feel free to help out. As long as the crate keeps the functionality it has, I’m open to any changes. I’m still using it, but I haven’t been working on it much the past few months because it does what I need right now and I’ve been working on other projects (like graphics and GUI libraries).


Good to know that you’re using it. I’ve been trying to figure out if I need this in a project or not. If I do, I may pull what you’ve done here and start contributing back more support.