Avoiding pipewire dependency on ashpd / dependency management

Hello Rustacean! Forgive if it sounds lame, I'm a beginner, discovering the rust ecosystem and the language.

For some time beeing, I'm on macOS and like to build the 4 gnome apps shown on gtk4-rs website, unfortunately, 3 of them bring the ashpd dep. which depends on pipewire, unavailable on macOS, and probably never will (btw. this is where linux shines :slight_smile:

What is the proper/clean/durable way of avoiding ashpd depending on pipewire?

Thanks in adance.

ashpd has several feature to enable various dependencies. The one for pipewire is not enabled by default, so if pipewire is used, that is because those apps stated that they need it. By the way which 4 apps are you referring to?

the 4 "Apps built with gtk-rs" on the front page of gtk-rs.org, plus fractal, a matrix chat app., seems more than promising.

Fractal explicitly requests pipewire support for allowing the qr code scanner access to the camera. Building it on macOS will either require writing a new qr code scanner that uses the macOS camera api's or removing the qr code scanner entirely. Authenticator again uses it for qr code scanning functionality. Shortwave which I assume is the third app you are having issues with uses gstreamer, which should work just fine on macOS. If this is indeed the third app with which you are having issues, please elaborate on what issues you are having. For example by posting the actual error message.

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Ok thanks a lot for your hints, bjorn, I'm now trying to get shortwave building, but I first need to get libshumate to build on macOS which is not the case, the meson build system does not try pkg-config for looking its libsoup-3.0 dependency. But that's not a rust ecosystem pecularity. Thanks for your help!

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