Avm2-adobe-air target

Preface: I was looking for a 2D graphics library supporting everything from Adobe AIR, such as bitmaps, filters (blur, color multiplier and shadow), vectors and a display list (i.e., parent-inherited values, such as relative position, alpha, scale, rotation and filters).

Adobe AIR is maintained by another company (not Adobe now) and I think it's going to be interesting anyway (regardless of the work involved) to see Rust taking the place of ActionScript in Adobe AIR. The SDK maintainers found the idea thrilling as well: supporting more programming languages when writing Adobe AIR apps.

So, I'm holding in the idea of a possibility for an ABC (AVM2 (ActionScript Virtual Machine 2) bytecode) target for rustup.

This would be somewhat comparable to the ideas:

  • "Write Godot Engine games in Rust instead of GDScript or .NET"
  • "Write Unreal Engine games in Rust instead of C++"

Native extensions

Adobe AIR apps, besides instantiating an initial content SWF (which in turn may contain ABC) in their application descriptor, also support native extensions. Maybe Adobe AIR apps could also be written as native extensions instead of a rustup MIR target, but then I think it'd make it difficult to interact with AVM2 instructions.

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