Async-std vs tokio incremental compile times

No flame-war intended. Only statistics.

Here, 'incremental rebuild' is defined as:

  1. cargo run
  2. make small change
  3. cargo run

Is it just me, or does async-std have much much lower incremental rebuild than tokio ? Every time I've tried to use a tokio related library, incremental rebuild jumps by 4+ seconds. I am currently playing with async_std related libs; total compile time is staying < 2s (can't really even tell if async_std is adding anything significant).

Is this an unfair apples/oranges comparison? Am I doing something wrong (i.e. not using full features of async_std) ? Or does async_std, for some reason, just have much lower incremental rebuild than tokio ?

I'm curious. How much of this is linker time? Try cargo +nightly rustc --bin main -- -Ztime-passes 2>/dev/null | grep linking.

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