Asking help in proving rust is memory safer than C/C++ using application

HI all, Am doing doing a project in my academics, kindly requesting anyone to help how can i demonstrate Rust is memory safe than C/C++ ? any application that i can build in rust and compare its memory-safety features to the same counterpart C++ application?

There's an academic paper that provides a (machine checked!) proof that a large subset of the Rust language is guaranteed to be 100% memory safe. You can read it here.


First learn some C and/or C++. It will be immediately obvious how easy it is to make out of bounds accesses to arrays, dereference null or uninitialised pointers, and a hundred other things that make unsafe use of memory and cause programs to crash or produce incorrect results at random.

Then learn some Rust and see how it prevents pretty much all of those catastrophic memory use mistakes.

I'm all for "academics" but there is nothing like doing these things for oneself to get a deep idea of what is going on.


alice..thank u so much

thank u so much

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