Arti 0.0.1 is released: An embeddable Tor client in Rust

Haven’t you always wanted a Tor client written in Rust? Of course you have! And now that Arti has released version 0.0.1, we have such a client for you to try out.

Our main goal for the 0.0.1 release has been to have no critical missing security features . There are probably still a lot of bugs, though, so you shouldn’t use this in production yet.

Unlike the C Tor implementation, Arti has been designed to be embeddable from day 1: that means that we have an explicit, supported API that you can use to anonymize traffic in your own programs over the Tor network. (Please be aware that this API isn’t stable, and will probably break a lot between now and 1.0.0.)

We need your help!

Arti version 0.0.1 is out and we need your feedback!

We rely on users and volunteers to find problems in our software and suggest directions for its improvement. Although Arti isn’t yet ready for production use, it should work fine as a SOCKS proxy (if you’re willing to compile from source) and as an embeddable library (if you don’t mind a little API instability).

We would love for you to experiment with this version of Arti by embedding it into your apps or by writing new tools with it. Then, submit your feedback to the forum post above. Your feedback will help improve the next versions of Arti!


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