Arrow2 0.4.0 released!

A new release is here! :tada::tada::tada:

Many changes for 2 weeks worth of work - of worthy mention:

  • improved performance of integer division by 4x-10x via strength division (@ritchie46)
  • improved performance of concatenating nullable arrays by 4x
  • improved performance of comparisons by 2x-14x
  • moved most tests to a separate directory (thanks @matklad for the blog post)
  • Increased test coverage to over 80%
  • Made multiversion, lexical-core and serde-derive dependencies optional to reduce size and compile times
  • Added support for UnionArray (including FFI and IPC integration tests)
  • Added support for FFI of Field

full list in Release v0.4.0 ยท jorgecarleitao/arrow2 ยท GitHub, for the curious :slight_smile:


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