ARM Cortex-M cross compiler

Does anyone know what is required to get a ARM Thumbv7 Rust cross-compiler?

I've seen the Zinc project, so it's obviously possible. However, the Zinc project seems to be tied to rust-nightly package for Ubuntu/Debian. I'm using Arch Linux, and when I try to build using the Rust compiler in the Arch Linux official repositories (rust-1.0.0.alpha-3) I get the following...

[cmd-prompt] rustc --target thumbv7em-none-eabi
Error loading target specification: 
Could not find specification for target "thumbv7em-none-eabi"

I'm therefore assuming the compiler that the Zinc project is using has been built with the LLVM thumb backend, but I'm really not sure.

So, does anyone know how to obtain/build a Rust ARM Thumb cross-compiler for Linux?


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I think I figured this out. See

If I add this json file to my project and compile with rustc --target=thumbv7em-none-eabi it seems to work.

Note to other users looking for this functionality: Learn the "flexible target specification" implementation.

Both links you provided are 404. Could you update the link since this topic is really interesting.

This should tell you how to write your own target spec

The JSON file that I linked above can now be found here:

I also have a couple of examples prepared:

They were created quite a while ago, so I don't know if they still compile, but they should serve as a low barrier to entry starting point for anyone wishing to pursue ARM Cortex-M programming in Rust.