Are there easy to use 3D libraries out there?

I am looking for something similar such as macroquad but it supports 3D. macroquoad technically supports 3D as well but its not really great.


Bevy has a locked in framework whereas macroquad doesn't lock you into a framework.

I am looking for something similar to macroquad. Any suggestions mate?

It's really rare to me to see a "3D draw library", when draw something in 3D, you send vertices into GPU, write shaders, and waits the object to show on screen, I never see something library that "draw a box with 12 lines"...

May I ask what "3D" feature you are looking for? As my experiences, when it comes to 3D, we just use OpenGL/Vulkan/D3D/Metal..., no other fantastic libraries.

Something like this I am after:

I think I found it anyways, thanks

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