Are there downsides to 'static channels?

When working with channels, such as those in std::sync::mpsc, crossbeam, or embassy-sync, are there reasons why one should avoid instantiating the channels as static items?

This is an open-ended question, for which I apologize, and in most cases I can avoid worrying about this. However, when working with embassy-sync sometimes it's easier to create the channel as a static item because the corresponding Senders and Receivers seem to include a reference to said channel.

I'd also appreciate any links where I can read more about using channels properly.

I mean, it has all the usual disadvantages of global variables. But if you are doing embedded stuff, then globals are justified more often.

As for links about channels, I have a blog post about them: actors with Tokio

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Thank you Alice, and your link was super helpful!

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