Are there any implementations of Virtual actors, like Microsoft orleans

I have seen some of the efforts to implement actors that exist in Rust. Such as actix and rabble.

Is anyone trying to implement virtual actors in Rust. They key feature of a virtual actor system, at least in my opinion, is the ability for the actors to be moved between machines and recovered in the case of node failure.

Reference for virtual actors.

Actor-Relational Database Systems: A Manifesto

The above is an interesting article, that makes me thing something like this would still be valuable for Rust.
I'm wondering has anything been worked on since I started this thread. It looks like the rust actors I could find were not implementations including virtual actors.

There's a question about it on ricker : (never used this lib, they still have a few stuff on the road map to implement, like remote & clustering, in order to get close to virtual actors)