Are there any IDEs for Rust?


Are there any IDEs available for Rust that are/can

  • Highlight any errors that you have made
  • Is Open Source
  • Is free
  • Has nice customizable themes




Yes, there are. Any IDE which support (or has plugin to support) LSP. You may use eclipse, vim/nvim, MS VS Code, Atom… Plenty of options.

Its clear you are deciding which language to learn for future and to not wasting time. Answer is: you are wasting time right now. Whatever language you would learn, learning other one in the future would be much easier. Most impotrant things on the beggining, especially with low level programming is to understand patterns, techniques, paradigms. Rust is good place to start, because it learns you proper thinking about ownership, hermetisation and other stuff. If you start here and migrate to C++, you would be able to avoid many mistakes. Starting with C/C++ would be easier on the beggining, but it would hurt you in the future.


Check out


I use Visual Studio Code, which I would recommend to anyone. Just install the rls plugin and you’re set.


Be sure to give IntelliJ Rust a try.


+1 to IntelliJ Rust.


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