Are Rust standard libraries (core, alloc and std) built with codegen-units=1?

I recently made a change in STD and noticed that functions I added not inlined (e.g. <&[u8]>::spec_new_impl not inlined into <&str>::spec_new_impl) as I expected.

Also, CString::from_vec_unchecked not inlined into <&[u8]>::spec_new_impl.

However, those inlining happens when I enable LTO so I think they would be inlined if std would be built with -Ccodegen-units=1.

Are distribution builds (e.g. stable releases and nightlies) built with codegen-units=1 or not?

Most contributors to Rust don't actively monitor this forum. You'd have better luck asking on Or for "simple" questions like this, asking directly on Zulip will probably get you a quicker answer.

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