Arc<Mutex<mpsc::Receiver>> vs Async-channel


I need a ( Multi-Producer, Multi_Consumer ) channel but tokio have mpsc.

I read a article that shared tokio::receiver inside Arc<Mutex>

but I search and found async_channel crate is recommended for mpmc.

Which is better ??!

I would take a look at the crossbeam library. They have some structures that can work for multiple consumers.

See crossbeam - Rust

Thanks but i need Async channel, crossbeam is sync if i don't wrong

Another crate to look at is the crossfire crate, which has

  • async -> async
  • async -> sync
  • sync -> async

mpmc channels based off of crossbeams channels.

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Tokio maintainer here. If you need an mpmc channel, then use async-channel. That is definitely better than an Arc<Mutex<mpsc::Receiver<T>>>.


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