Arc examples do not run correctly on the Playground

Hi Rustaceans,
it seems like Arc code samples from the documentation do not run correctly on the Playground on Safari (at least I only ever see about 2-6 output lines when I expect to see 10).
Or is the behaviour expected ?

I think the main thread is exiting without waiting for all of the spawned threads to complete.

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Try this:

use std::sync::Arc;
use std::sync::atomic::{AtomicUsize, Ordering};
use std::thread;

fn main() {
    let val = Arc::new(AtomicUsize::new(5));
    let threads = (0..10).map(|_i| {
        let val = Arc::clone(&val);
        thread::spawn(move || {
            let v = val.fetch_add(1, Ordering::SeqCst);
            println!("{:?}", v);
    threads.into_iter().for_each(|handle|{let _ = handle.join();});
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Thanks guys, for the explanation, and the working example.

Does someone want to file a docs bug for fixing this example? We should make it better :slight_smile:

also just discovered that sample from the new beta book about thread do not work as described either : Threads - The Rust Programming Language

Nevermind, they actually do, but as Thread spawning takes much more time on my machine, I had to make the main thread run for much longer.