AppSink with pull_sample issue


I’m trying to add following appsink into gstreamer pipeline and get the video out from the gst-meet. But pull_sample method not get frames. Could you please tell me what’s wrong in this code?

  let bin = gstreamer::Bin::new(None);
  let sink_video = gstreamer::ElementFactory::make("appsink", None)?;

  let appsink_video: gstreamer_app::AppSink = sink_video
    .expect("Sink element is expected to be an appsink!");

  if let Some(video_element) = bin.by_name("video") {
    println!("Add remote sink element");
  thread::spawn(move || {
      loop {
        if let sample = appsink_video.pull_sample().map_err(|_| gstreamer::FlowError::Eos) {
          println!("appsink => {:?}",sample);

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