Apache Flex, Adobe AIR etc

I have interest in developing some game applications, but I always looked for an all-in-one solution for doing things, which does not require me looking up for external resources for common operations.

Adobe AIR by Samsung Harman provides most of what I need, but it has some issues:

  • It uses the ActionScript 3 language and it contains weak compiler tooling that make development not pleasing and disgusting.
  • Most packages are not maintained. There might be a WebSocket client somewhere, but I doubt it is reliable.
  • To depend on packages, you often rely on copy-pasting SWCs (i.e. which contain ActionScript), which is not pleasing.
  • I wish there were regX and regY properties for indicating the registration point of a display object.

Apache Flex is a framework for Flash projects that can be integrated to the Adobe AIR SDK to support user interface with control classes and layout.

I am aware of Bevy Engine etc., but I wanted something more generic. These days I was trying to develop something similiar to Adobe AIR using the Rust language, but it is being too much load for my mind and it looks like I won't finish it anytime and I am trying to support much of the Adobe AIR APIs, even if I don't want, which is annoying me sometimes.

Another possibility I have been looking for is compiling Rust to SWF, so that I can develop Adobe AIR applications in Rust.

What would you recommend to use that is not a "decentralized" solution and a more self-packaged solution?

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