Anyone up for some mentoring and working session during the Berlin CodeMotion?


I was at the RustFest in Zurich and it was great! However I could not get the most out of the RustBridge workshop (the beginner track) due to time constraints and I regret I could not have some mentorship on basic/intermediate concepts like borrowing, lifetimes and other Rust basics.

Now, I will be in Berlin for the CodeMotion (@CodemoBerlin) and will be free on the weekend. Is anyone interested in setting up a small group for a mentoring session of Rust? It would be super cool to work on random stuff taken from and

Unfortunately I can't take part to the Berlin Rust meetup [0] as I have to go back home crunching some code.

If the idea tingles enough Rustaceans, I will try to find a room somewhere to host people and laptops (I don't live there and I'm not a Berliner, but I have a friend developer there, he told me I can try to ask a room to the Chaos Computer Club).

Volunteers and people interested, raise your hands!

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