Anyhow: is it possible to append context?

When I use anyhow's .with_context(|| error_text) the only text that appears is error_text with the original error text gone. Is it possible to append extra error text?


anyhow supports several different output formats, documented here. {:#} concatenates all of the messages together, and {:?} shows them in multiline format.

Here is anyhow!("error").context("inner context").context("outer context") formatted four ways:

{} — Display

outer context

{:#} — Display alternate

outer context: inner context: error

{:?} — Debug

outer context

Caused by:
    0: inner context
    1: error

{:#?} — Debug alternate

Error {
    context: "outer context",
    source: Error {
        context: "inner context",
        source: "error",



Thank you very much: the "{:#}" format is exactly what it needed.

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