AnyDSL - A Partial Evaluation Framework for Programming High-Performance Libraries


Has anybody heard of AnyDSL, or even better, used it? The reason I’m asking this on the Rust forum is, that they use a language they call Impala, which

syntax heavily borrows from Rust

Any opinions on it?



(Just a heads up: I think this is somewhat not related to Rust so might get closed as off-topic!)

Interesting! Thanks for bringing up. I remember I heard something about it but never used it.
Contributor section of thorin shows @RalfJung used to work on it, so he could help you out offline.

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@ehsanmok : Thanks for the suggestion :+1:



:joy: funny how things you did years ago can come back and haunt you.^^

Seems like it’s story time. Before starting my PhD I worked with our computer graphics research group on using Impala to implement a ray tracer (shameless plug: that was after a friend and me had way too much fun doing this). Impala was developed by the compiler research group at my university, so of course we were in close contact and that’s how I got to contribute a few fixes to make things work better for us.

I never was deeply involved with Thorin/AnyDSL/Impala, though I chatted with the developers a few times – and I did quite enjoy being able to capture return so a closure could early-return from the function that created it. :stuck_out_tongue: Continuation-passing style can bend your mind.