Any way to get details from a struct

struct Demo{
    f1:&'static str,


  1. how to list all fields from a struct?
  2. how to set a struct attribute value with string field name?

Demo example:

let mut d=Demo{f1:"abc",f2:1};
// just demo
d["f1"] = "efg";
// or
d("f2") ="efg";

Rust doesn’t have reflection, as such. It has some limited facilities (through std::any::Any) for inspecting the type of a value, but no runtime facilities for inspecting the structure of a type in a general way.

Common approaches to genericity in Rust include:

  • Generics, unsurprisingly. A trait that can store/retrieve values by name and type isn’t terribly hard to design and implement.
  • Macros.
  • Procedural macros/custom derives.

All of these approaches address the problem at compile time, not at runtime.

What’s the problem to which “Access fields by name at runtime” is the solution?


Agree with @derspiny but to add; the typical (dependent on problem) runtime solution is not to use a new struct but instead use a HashMap.

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